Cecil Taylor continues his review of Ephesians by looking primarily at the last three chapters. Some of Paul's most famous, most important, and most c...View Details

Ephesians stands out from Paul's other letters as the most impersonal toward its recipients and the most theological. If there is one overall theme to...View Details

As Romans 8 is the Mount Everest of the New Testament, Romans 12 stands as K2. Just as we think of the world's two tallest mountains together, though ...View Details

Arguably the greatest chapter written by the Apostle Paul, Romans 8 contains some of the highest thoughts of the New Testament. Labeling it as Mt. Eve...View Details

In this podcast series, Cecil examines the highest thoughts (the Himalayas) of the New Testament. John 1 contains what Cecil calls the Executive Summa...View Details

Goodness is goodness, right? Well, no. There is negative goodness and positive goodness. Negative goodness is when we are content in staying away from...View Details

During the last few weeks, we have seen the world flood Ukranians with kindness. What we're seeing actually follows a three-step model for kindness th...View Details

Gentleness doesn't seem to be valued in the world. Aggression is valued. Yet the Bible calls us to gentleness. Getting instant results is valued. Yet ...View Details

Joy is a paradox, because it is different from happiness. You can feel joyful even when things are going wrong. In this Joy podcast, Cecil concludes t...View Details

Inner peace is our goal, but our peace is disrupted by three factors: worry, guilt and anger. Cecil discusses these factors and their common denominat...View Details

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